Saturday, August 4, 2012

Inspire & Create a Look with Us

Inspire & Create a Look with Us & Share it on Facebook!! <3

8/4 - Grey Sky's

Wow ...look at the change of weather we r having here in not so Sunny CA!!

What shades & colors for the eyes, lips, or face would u wear for this type of day?! Tell us one thing or everything!! We LuV ur tips!! :D

We wld use a liquid foundation base for extra moisture & a concealer duo for that appearance of a softer more youthful glow.

For the eyes, were thinking, warm white, gold nudes Pink Opal, Melon or Naked. Then add a solid black eye line using Fluid Gel, no wings, just neat & clean. To windy for false lashes so we'll stick to the Haute & Naughty thick brush for extra drama ...since r eye shadow is pretty light & this will help play up the liner.

On r cheeks a splash of Georgia blush ...just light enough to look nature but then still catches light & turns r cheeks into yumi peaches, everyone wants a nibble. lol!! :P

Finally for the lips ...we'll go for a rich, bold burgundy or plum lipstick (use a brush when u apply it & it will last twice as long). Add a dash of lipgloss, a clear pearl shade, that will give it just the softness it needs without muting or murking up the darker pigment.

This pic (not us) is close to what we envisioned. We're not experts but we luv to play Make'Up, lol!! :D


BeautifulBabyGirl(: said...

that is just beautiful

katie said...

i love that lip, and her eyebrows.

rachel layer said...

What was used on these lips?