Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to Fix Broken Lipsticks

Reincarnate ur favorite broken lipsticks. 

Its super easy & u'll end up with cute lil Lip Pots instead of having to scrap the sides of ur expensive & now not so cute lipstick. 

Here's what u need in supplies to get stared:
Broken lipstick
Empty lip gloss jar
Metal spoon

Takes about 5 MINUTES to Fix.

1 - Remove all of the lipstick from the container onto the spoon
2 - Have ur empty lip gloss jar already open & ready to fill up
3 - Place the metal spoon over the lighter or flame & light it long enough to have the lipstick melt all the way ...stop when lipstick turns into a liquid
4 - Pour the melted lipstick into the empty lip gloss jar
5 - Allow about 5-8 minutes for it to cool down & firm up

If ur really creative, print out a label or get ur favorite designer Duck Tape & decorate ur new jars. ♥

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