Thursday, July 12, 2012

We have a NEW Facebook Page!!

u FOUND US!! Welcome Home!! & No Worries LuV!! we didnt disappear from Facebook we just moved pages!! No longer r we under : now u can find us at:

^ NEW PAGE ^  
When we started r company a year ago we never knew we wld see so much success so fast ...& after a long week of decision making we felt it was best to start again with the right tools/people in place to ensure we not only grow successfully as a business, but that r Customer Service remains priority #1!! After all we r here for u as u r what matters most to us!! 

So lets all Cry one big Tear for r beloved 1st Facebook Page who was SO good to us with 15,OOO & over 2k visitors avg every week, dry r eyes & get ready for round 2 bc u have no idea what we have in amazing stuff we have in store for u!!

<3 <3 Ms. MAC Makeup


rachel layer said...

I luv MS.MAC Makeup!

rachel layer said...

I love your page I go to it daily and have been a V.I.P. since February 2012.I will always share you with my friends.You sell a great product and your customer service is outstanding.I am so glad we found each other.Thanks for all that you do.Sincerely Chach :-)